Differences between Asian and Western women

People worldwide have common basic personality traits. Despite that, you definitely cannot generalize them as a whole. Women from different races and continents are different due to culture. While every woman is an individual, despite her race or religion, we can specify a few diverse overall characteristics which distinguish Asian from Western women.

Standards of beauty

To begin with, the usual standards for beauty are completely different in the Western world and in Asia. For example, in Asia, women are shorter, thinner and more young-looking. They have girly-features and their skin is often perfect.

In the Western world, however, women are the exact opposite. What women want for themselves is to look mature, to look hot and sexy. Western women are taller, with usually darker skin tones and a lot more curves.

Importance of building a family

It is a known fact that some women love to have fun. They would rather not focus on building a long-term relationship at an early age. Asian cultures have a greater emphasis family and stability. This is not to say they don’t know how to have fun… Howe, there is a greater devotion to work and a happy relationship.

Women on the West are fully equal to their man in a relationship. In Asian cultures, gender roles are still more clearly defined. Women will still play a supportive role through any hard times and stand strong beside their husbands. People in the west have a growing reputation for being materialistic and practicing individualism. Eastern cultures would rather establish stability in a family unit.

Modesty and materialism

Ideally, the Eastern world is a lot more traditional than the Western. All the largest trends come from Europe and America. While Asians definitely follow them, they have not yet changed their traditional characteristics and lifestyles too much.

Most Western people, men or women, want to have the newest of everything. Expensive things draw their attention. On the other side, Asian women prefer to work and save. They follow the trends but do not necessarily feel like they need to have the newest products on the market.

Then, we can take a look at their romantic relationships once again. The situation has been changing in the Western world. Nowadays, romance is not so much about what the man will do. It is about what the two people will do for each other. It is not so important if one will be a gentleman if that is not what the woman actually wants.

Final thoughts

While it may sound like Asian women have more positive characteristics; it all depends on your taste and needs. There is a woman for anyone, and no man should be able to tell a woman how to act. Rather than looking at a woman’s racial identity, look instead at what you want and find those traits in a potential partner.