Why Western Men Like Thai Women?

Interracial relationships nowadays are just as common as dating a person from the same ethnicity. Finally, the worldwide division is fading away and nobody really bothers anymore. There is, however, one couple mix which draws attention. Western men love Asian women.

This conclusion can be drawn either if you simply ask men, or you look through online dating statistics. There is one nationality which draws the most attention from men, and this is Thai. The question is “Why is it like that?”

Dating foreigners is normal

Thailand has never been a colony to a European country. Therefore, the Western lifestyle has not been embedded but has yet to entirely step in. It is exciting for Thai people. They follow the Western trends and have desires to be a part of them. Marrying a westerner is a chance to eventually emigrate to America or Europe, for example. People from Thailand are normally open to relationships with foreigners.

Thai women are hard-working

The patriarchal system in Thailand commonly puts women below men. Women have to work a lot harder to succeed. That is another reason why they are attracted to a society that promotes equality. Thai women who look up to the Western lifestyle demand to be treated as equals to men. At the same time they are not dominant. Thai women would not interfere with your responsibilities.

This and their hard-working culture are two positive characteristics for Western men.

Thai women put emotions, modesty and stability above material gains

While nowadays material needs corrupt the hearts of people in Europe and America, Thai women find no interest in that.

Culturally, they look for a stable relationship and a simpler life. Expensive houses and cars are not what they desire. What they look for are happiness and stability. Thai women are more likely to tolerate the usual mistakes by men. They will always support you.

As we already mentioned, they are hard-working. They would rather work and save money for their future and parents, than spend it on anything pointless. Therefore, your wife/girlfriend will already be able to look after herself and will not rely on you.

Those amazing qualities make Thai women extremely attractive to men who seek long-term relationships and to build a family.

Final thoughts

While it may sound easy, relationships do not always work out as planned. Whether you are with a Thai woman or a Western woman, there will always be ups and downs.

Thai women are beautiful, with gorgeous skin and lovely body shapes. They want stability and strong relationships as well. However, if you do not treat them equally, you will fail. As men, it is our responsibility to treat women as equals. A person is a reflection of their partner. Give them love, honesty, and stability, and they will give you the world.